In our TV studio, we offer a live TV studio day to second level students. With the help of Ger or Ita, the students will create and produce a short live TV programme over the course of a day, in English or Irish. Níl a lán Gaeilge ag Ger agus Ita, ach beidh siad sasta ag obair leis na daltai trí Gaeilge - agus ag an deireadh an lae, foghlann siad cupla focail nua freisin!*

Every aspect of the production and the day itself is undertaken by the students; from various on-screen roles such as presenters, news anchors, sports reporters, guests & musicians etc, to the off-screen technical roles like Director, Cameras, Sound, Vision Mixer and more.

We're very conscious that throughout this pandemic, some schools may be apprehensive about allowing students to attend days that are away from the school premises. We have many protective measures in place, including a TYTV day specific policy, and an overall campus policy, which includes regular sanitisation throughout the day, perspex dividers and sanitising wipes in any potential shared spaces. Feel free to contact us for a full list of our policies.

(Tá brón orainn faoi na Gaelige ufasach suas an
leathanach; agus anseo.....Gaeilge briste ná Béarla cliste!)

Please find below a .pdf of our CV19 policies for TYTV days.

TYTV Covid 19 Policies and Checklist.pdf