Locations, locations, locations

Small space, big opportunity

Between our studio, our corridors, offices, classrooms and even our carparks and garden, you'll have seen the inside and outside of Kairos more often that you'd realise on your TV screens. 

Our studio has in recent years been used for a variety of projects from the historical/GAA docu-series "The Game", critically acclaimed TV series "Blood" and most recently,  "Send in the Clowns". 

Amidst all the covid shenanigans, we welcomed the Amazon Studios series "Modern Love" and Acorn TV's "Harry Wild" to our facilities. Our offices have transformed from edit suites to Doctor's surgeries, from classrooms to hospital wards, and our corridors and carparks have been used for walk & talks more times than we can remember!

Our space may look small but the possibilities are endless - please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to come visit to take a look around,  drop us a mail via the form below, or drop Seb an email  directly and and we can get in touch.